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Welcome to Rights of Mother Earth

April 2017

Our main goal is to collect 1,000,000 signatures from people around the world, asking the UN to adopt the Universal Declaration of Rights of Mother Earth, just like we have the Human Rights Declaration. The declaration shall serve as an aspiring document, for the next steps of each Nation to include Nature in the national legal systems as a rights bearing entity. We have already handed over the first part of the signatures to the UN Secretary General Bank-Ki Moon at the Earth Summit Rio+20, and when we reach the 1 million, we will hand them over to the UN again.

Hello and welcome everybody,

It seemed only yesterday we were surrounded by Christmas and all the different festivals around the world that we celebrate with our wonderfully diverse beliefs at that time of year, now, before we know it, we are welcoming in the new beginnings of spring in the northern hemisphere and autumn in  the south.  Where ever we find ourselves on this mother Earth today, there are so many things taking place, changes happening, events being started, movements being created. I would like to share some of the latest developments for Rights of Nature that we have accomplished with our EU partners and to introduce you to our web site and all the new content we have for you to explore.
You can also find details of how you can get involved through various organisations here.

Here’s a photo of our team (and some visitors) in front of the EU parliament with Mumta Ito, who is spearheading the ECI for Nature’s Rights and here you can read an article about the event.

Our team (and some visitors) in front of the EU parliament

For more news on where Nature has been given Rights in recent times please visit our news section

Here are a couple events coming up in which we will participate:
The Earth Rights conference in Sweden on Mother Earth Day 21-22 April

The UN in Harmony with Nature conference at the UN in New York
(UN Harmony with Nature dialogue on 21 April will be posted on the site soon)

At the same time I would like to thank each of you for your support whenever we needed something.

Thank you all, enjoy the spring time :-)

 With Love, Doris

 photo of this month's editor, Doris