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A Rightful Fight

To help Mother Earth win her Fundamental Rights
by Aishwarya Sridhar

Captivating was the beauty of mother earth 

Long before God enabled human birth.

Animals…Flowers, Insects…Birds

Together formed an alluring world.

Man who was most supreme of god’s creations

Wreaked havoc on earth with his penchant for destruction.

Just as humans are protected with constitutional rights

Mother earth too has a right to fight.

A right to preserve her natural resources 

And protect herself from man’s destructive forces.

A right to rotate and revolve amidst clean air

And protest the dumping of waste everywhere.

A right to save her waters from any contamination

And save her children of nature from total extinction. 

A right to save her very identity

That mankind is trying to alter completely.

In a world where Might often seems to be Right

Mother Earth needs to put up a fight.

Let’s all unite and empathise with her plight

And help Mother Earth win her Fundamental Rights.

So to her who has given us life and protection

Let’s fight for her rights as a gesture of retribution.

By Aishwarya Sridhar

Age 16 years
Dr Pillai Global Academy
Mumbai, India