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Advocating for Rights of Mother Earth In Western Kenya

In the small village of Rongo in Western Kenya, George Calleb is educating himself and his community on what Rights of Nature can mean for his country.

John Joywi and George Calleb      support teeam

John Jowywi with George Calleb and with Calvin Osongo                                                        

He and his colleagues look at the rich green fields and the lush green vegetation that feeds the village, animals, and wildlife around them.
They are asking “How do we ensure that the lush green environment stays healthy and continues to support our community?”

grasslands     Birds in flight

 Extensive sand mining in the area is causing stark devastation of the River Nymador.

damage to the River Nymador     sand mining Nymador River

 The effect of the sand mining raises timely questions about the health of the river and the impact to the overall ecosystem of the area.

 mining sandThe destruction of the river bed threatens the long term sustainability of bird and wildlife habitats.  The impact is not just to a localized area of the river but the river’s overall ability to continue to flow, to exist, to regenerate its life cycles, and to provide sustainable water sources for the people, forests, wildlife and other inhabitants of the area.


Rights of Nature acknowledges that nature in all its life forms has the right to exist, persist, maintain and regenerate its vital cycles.  Join our colleagues advocating for the recognition of Rights of Mother Earth in Kenya.


George with presentation

 Community gathers around
Community gathers around Rights of Nature

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students at University
Students learning about Rights of Nature