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Besser Leben Festival

view of Lucerne (Luzern)

From Doris Ragettli of Rights of Mother Earth

On 18 November 2017 Rights of Mother Earth participated for the second year at the “ Besser Leben Festival” in Lucerne Switzerland. It was organised by Integral Politics Switzerland, this year’s theme was “ Sufficiency”.

I love the way this event is organised, everybody brings food to share and visit each others’s stand during the day. This year it was held in a former indoor pool, which is now being used as an event venue, the inside of the pool in itself being the stage and stands.

Below: Doris attending The Rights of Mother Earth stand and another signature for our petition!

 Doris standing by exhibit table at Lucernperson signing petition

We sold some items that we made for Rights of Mother Earth, the purpose of the items is to support the population in reducing waste, like our water bottles and the foldable bags, we also had upcycled jewellery for gifts. And we collected 45 signatures, each signature was a wonderful conversation about the UN adopting the Universal Declaration of Rights of Mother Earth. Many people had already signed it, but were very happy to meet us and share the petition on line. 

Rights of Mother Earth stand at LucernPetition signing

Doris Ragettli