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March News and links:

(Compiled by Joseph Lambert)

image for keystone link

  • In the US and Canada Keystone XL opponents promise Trump resistance on a scale never before seen. Link.

image for Pope Francis link

  • Following his intermittent comments on both the environment and indigenous peoples, Pope Francis says that indigenous people must have the final say on their land. Link.

image for Ecuadorian court link

  • Ecuadorian Court issues ruling in World’s first ‘Rights of Nature’ case – a very mixed ruling, with important implications for Rights of Nature. Link.


  • Standing Rock activist, Winona LaDuke gives a talk on the Rights of Nature at the University of Oregon. Link.

New Readings:

Image for the Broken the Planet link

  • We've Broken the Planet: A Case for Liberation Ecology and the Rights of Nature. Link.

  • Buen Vivir: A Manifesto for the Rights of Nature. Link.