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Combined Activities of:

Rights of Mother Earth, Rights of Nature (Romania)

and 8000 Drum Ceremony

Paris from 29 Nov– 13 Dec 15

Activities at COP21 Paris 2015

4-5 December The Rights of Nature Tribunal

The third International Rights of Nature Tribunal was held concurrently with the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC COP 21) in Paris, France. Hosted by the Global Alliance of the Rights of Nature in partnership with End Ecocide on Earth, Nature Rights & Atac France, the panel of judges consisting of internationally renowned lawyers and leaders for planetary justice heard evidence and pronounced judgments on 4 cases after the first day and 4 cases on day 2.

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On 7 December we assisted at the WECAN (women’s climate Action Network) conference.

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Mary Robinson, the former President of Ireland was one of the speakers there, she kindly took our letter to be handed over to Ban Ki-moon, in which we request the adoption of the Universal Declaration of Rights of Mother Earth, the letter also states the current number of signatures from people who are a stand for this almost 834 000 Signatures.

29 November, The 8000 Drum Ceremony

On 29 November, despite the shut down of any public spaces for any Civil Society Activity we held 4 sacred gatherings. We started at 7 AM with the Dawn Ceremony joined by many Indigenous People, by the Eifel Tower near the Peace Monument., then in the Theatre Feux de la Ramp, followed by the 8000 Drum Ceremony in the Bois de Vincent and a Meditation for Peace in the Evening. This was a day of miracles and profound transformation. Please see  During the whole time of  the COP21, we did meditations and ceremonies of some sort until the day we left.  On the 13th Dec. we held peace meditations at each place where  the attacks on 13 Nov. were happening, this in order to change the energy to light and peace.

6th December 100 % Renewable

Dabadi Thaayrohyadi and us from the Rights of Mother Earth team were leading a chant for Mother Earth in the heart of this circle “flash-mob” behind the Peace Monument by the Champ de Mars, asking for 100 % Renewable energy, the photo was taken by Yann Arthus Bertrand. For more information please see the article in the NY-times here.

See the video of the Eiffel Tower Aerial Art Installation here