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Does Nature Have Rights?

Our global economic systems, supported by local and national laws around the world, are based on a fundamental premise that nature is a provider of resources — natural resources — to be owned by human societies and treated as public or private property.

A new paradigm is emerging as we face the global effects of climate change and raise questions in search of solutions to protect humans and our planet.  Does Nature Have Rights? is a thought-provoking collection of essays presenting a compelling new paradigm.  It is based on the premise that nature does have rights and it is time that we as a global society recognize and honor those rights.

The essays provide an overview of the thinking and events to date related to creating a legal base for Rights of Nature.

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The Articles include:

  • We Must Stop Playing Deaf to Nature by Eduardo Galeano
  • The Heart of the World: U’Wa Perspectives on Mother Earth Interview with Atossa Soltani
  • Building the Case for the Universal Declaration of The Rights of Mother Earth by Maude Barlow
  • The Universal Declaration of Rights of Mother Earth: An Overview by Cormac Cullinan
  • Universal Declaration of Rights of Mother Earth Draft February 2010
  • A New Paradigm for Nature — Turning our Values into Law by Shannon Biggs and Mari Margil
  • Global Alliance for the Rights of Nature by Natalia Greene and Bill Twist