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Some news from around the world in Earth Jurisprudence and Rights of Nature

• At the IUCN Congress 2016 we had several major succeses! Firstly Motion 26 passed, calling for Sacred Sites and Territories to be No-Go for development and extractives (Read here). Additionally, the IUCN incorporated Rights of Nature into its 2017-2020 agenda. Read about more of what happened at the congress here.

• Conservationists in Idaho win a court decision against mining. The attorney for the conservationists said ‘Wilderness areas are affored the highest level of protection of any public land’ and this is a strong win for the protection of wild areas in the United States. This also leads into advocacy across the US to reform the vastly outdated 1872 Mining Law. Read more here.

• New Zealand has now granted legal personhood to its Te Urewara National Park. In effect, what this means is that now the national park, a verdant forested landscape, possesses the same rights and powers as that of a citizen. Read more here.

• Indigenous villagers in Ampasinadava, Madagascar are fighting against a minining company for control and protection of their ancestral lands. Read more here.

• Also, in case anyone missed it, Native Americans in Dakota stood strong against a pipeline through their lands against pepper spray and dogs (here)  and Obama then declared that the project ‘will not go forward at this time’ (here).


With sincerest thanks for these important updates to our dear friend

Joseph Lambert

Legal Support and Research Officer
The Gaia Foundation
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