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Earth Rights Conference in Sweden

A summary from Earth Rights Conference in Sigtuna, Sweden April 21-22 2017 produced by David Roxendal,

Arranging organisations were Lodyn, Sigtunastiftelsen, Latinamerikagrupperna, Cemus, End Ecocide Sweden, Environmental Humanities Lab KTH, Färnebo folkhögskola with support from WWF Sweden.

Appearing in the film are:
Åsa Simma - Mari Margil - Pella Larsdotter Thiel - Cormac Cullinan - Barbara Evaeus - Andris the Birdwhisperer
Carmen Blanco Valér - Patricia Gualinga - Marie Njajta Persson - Milton Soto Santiesteban  - Mumta Ito
Henrik Hallgren - Niklas Högberg - Maria Richter Simsek - Marco Armiero - Mikael Karlsson - Emilia Rekestad
Tuija Hilding Rydevik - Anna Nylander - Annette Ericsdotter Bettaieb

…and many others.