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Rights of Mother Earth is a growing movement of individuals and organizations who are committed to having rights of nature recognized, honored and implemented around the world.

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Global Alliance for the Rights of Nature

We are deeply aligned with The Global Alliance for Rights of Nature as our main partner.

Fundacion Pachamama

Harmony with Nature Logo
Harmony with Nature (United Nations)

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Pachamama Romania

Community Environmental Legal Defense Fund

Global Exchange

Council of Canadians

Synergia Learning Ventures

Finding the Good

The Gaia Foundation

Wild Law UK

Instituto Antakarana Willis Harman

Awakening the Dreamer Symposium


Womens Earth and Climate Network

Empowerment Works

Whale of a Time Community

Be The Change Initiative - Dist die Veranderung



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Nature's Rights

Indigenous Nations logo
Indigenous Nations

Indigenous Environmental Network

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 World Conscious Pact

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Integrale Politik

Caconcon Initiative

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Casa Latina