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Jewel of the universe

My passion for Nature and my deep commitment towards conservation led me to write a poem, for the only living jewel in the Universe…OUR PLANET EARTH…..Mankind has been to the moon and back but we seem to have forgotten the fact that we have only one Earth. We have inherited her from our ancestors..Let’s ensure that we preserve her as a legacy for the future.

By Aishwarya Sridhar – Mumbai, India (16 years old)

Dense forests with gurgling streams,

Trees swaying in the cool breeze.

The flapping of wings of birds in flight

Stars twinkling in the darkness of night..

Mountain tops shrouded in mist

Blue oceans where marine life exists.

Fragrant flowers courting the bees,

Dew drops kissing the green leaves

Jungles echoing with wild animals calls

Rivers originating from waterfalls.

All this beauty has been eclipsed today

By man’s encroachment of land each day.

Soon our earth will cease to be

The planet known for her beauty

And who is to blame for this great deed

It’s you. Me and our greed

Let each one of us pledge today

That we will preserve and protect her for a future day.

By Aishwarya Sridhar

Dr Pillai Global Academy. Grade Ten (INDIA)