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News (March 2017)

Welcome to the beginning of the end of winter... or summer...depending where you are on Mother Earth at this moment in time.

Well, this new web site of ours has been running for a few months now and we are starting to pick up momentum both in existing content and in looking to expand the site's services. Look out for announcements as the year unfolds to see what we have planned for you! Whether you are interested in grass roots movements, gathering information for a presentation or a lecture, seeking a hub of valuable and varied resources or just interested in giving your voice to the determined path we tread to seek true Rights of Nature, we hope you will find Rights of Mother Earth exactly what you were looking for.

iconNature’s Rights Conference 29 March 2017

Here are the invitation and the full schedule details if you would like to attend.


iconIn a landmark judgment, the Uttarakhand High Court on Monday accorded the status of "living human entities" to the Ganga and Yamuna, two of India's most sacred rivers.
Read the full article in the Tribune web page here


iconAmazon Watch is honored to join many organizations and individuals rising in solidarity with the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe, Indigenous Environmental Network, the Native Organizers Alliance, and indigenous peoples from across Turtle Island (North America) as they converged on D.C. to hold a tipi camp this week near the Washington Monument and will march tomorrow by the thousands.Solidarity events will also be happening in San Francisco (where our Executive Director Leila Salazar López will speak) and elsewhere around the country. 


iconWe would like to express our sincere gratitude to Joseph Lambert who has once again provided us with various links, this time illustrating an interesting and challenging month in Earth Jurisprudence, Community Ecological Governance and Rights of Nature. From seeing the renewed resistance to Standing Rock to Rights of Nature having a major legal appearance in Ecuador.

Below, Joseph has gathered some of the more pertinent news stories and videos, as well as some interesting articles for reading.


image for keystone link

    • In the US and Canada Keystone XL opponents promise Trump resistance on a scale never before seen. Link.

image for Pope Francis link

    • Following his intermittent comments on both the environment and indigenous peoples, Pope Francis says that indigenous people must have the final say on their land. Link.

image for Ecuadorian court link

    • Ecuadorian Court issues ruling in World’s first ‘Rights of Nature’ case – a very mixed ruling, with important implications for Rights of Nature. Link.


    • Standing Rock activist, Winona LaDuke gives a talk on the Rights of Nature at the University of Oregon. Link.

New Readings:

Image for the Broken the Planet link

    • We've Broken the Planet: A Case for Liberation Ecology and the Rights of Nature. Link.

    • Buen Vivir: A Manifesto for the Rights of Nature. Link.

Please come back soon - we will be adding new content, and even some new sections as the weeks go by and don't forget, if you'd like to talk to us, just go to the contact us page.