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As many of you know we have worked hard to achieve our goal with our summer challenge to be able to present our 1 million signatures to the UN General Assembly in September. Thanks to all of you and particularly thanks to Care2, we had a total of 958,286 signatures. However, we are sad to announce that we were not able to ratify and, therefore, include the 700,000 + signatures for Rights of Nature from Colombia. We have now omitted these from our grand total.

Since our goal is still 1 million signatures to represent the wish of civil society, we are postponing the presentation of the signatures to the UN until 2019 and we will keep on collecting.

What you will see on this website in the future is the grand total of signatures collected from the Care2 petition site added to 147,703 signatures previously collected from our own petition site.

Current total dated: 04-02-2019 (AM)


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We would like to acknowledge Care2 for their help. We partnered with them in July 2018 in order to meet our summer challenge, without them we would not have made it. 

"Care2 ( Care2 is a network of nearly 50 million people around the globe, dedicated to building a better world. People, nonprofits and mission-based brands are making world-changing impact with Care2, helping individuals, animals and the environment. A pioneer of online advocacy since 1998, Care2 is a social enterprise, using the power of business as a force for good."